Sunday, June 26, 2011

Matt Damon

This weekend could not have been more perfect if it tried. Okay, maybe if I won the lottery and had delicious treats made for me. Maybe if I didn't have to pay any bills or met Matt Damon.....well, I kind of did the last thing ;)

Friday came along and it was an excellent day. I wasn't really having the greatest of days at first, then the boy came over to cheer me up. We went to Starbucks, chatted a bit, and then the greatest part of my weekend happened: I met Matt Damon. And bought him. And fed him. And stared at him. And obsessed (and I continue to obsess) over him.

Alright, alright, so he's not the real Matt Damon or the one you were thinking of, but he's as close as I'm going to get. After Starbucks the boy and I went over to Petco and he bought me this AWESOME Betta fish. I'm super pumped about it and want to bring him everywhere I go. I want to get a car seat and a travel bag and a leash and potty train him. Okay, now I'm getting a little crazy. I need a life.

My only problem with little MD is that he's not eating! The boy seems to think he's just adjusting to his new surroundings and he's probably right, but I'm a worrier by nature so naturally I'm freaking out mildly stressing over the situation.

Minor interruption and random thought: I read that Betta fish like PEAS. Weird, right? And houseflies and moths. Even more strange.

Anyway, yesterday I hung with the best friend which was good. We watched So You Think You Can Dance, experimented with bright red lip stain and ate coffee ice cream. Perfect.

Today? Also a fantastic day. Woke up, had some coffee, debated on running (which obviously ended with me eating a bagel and making excuses that it was too muggy and my lungs couldn't handle the humidity) and then went on a mall trip with the boy. We picked up season 1 of Criminal Minds for his mom for her birthday and then I encouraged him to purchase a few things - ONLY because they were great deals!

Onto DSW it was. Boat shoes? CHECK! We both ended up buying a pair! Not nearly the same style, but the same brand. We're disgusting, aren't we? Hate it. I have to say though, he definitely was a better bargain shopper than I was today! These are the Sperry's I picked up:

They're excellent. We had dinner with his fam at Houlihan's which was delicious! Then we decided to rent True Grit starring the REAL Matt Damon from RedBox! (the remake of course). Great movie - I definitely recommend it.

 I've been obsessed with Beyonce as of lately, but I'm going to save that song for tomorrow. As for tonight, I'll leave you with this:

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