Sunday, June 12, 2011

I hate when it rains in the summer

I hate when it rains in the summer. Especially on weekends. I mean, I guess in the summer every day can be the weekend, but not when everyone has work, different schedules, things to do and what not. I've been realizing just how hard it is for everyone to get together. The "real world" sucks and I'm not even really there yet.

Anyway, yesterday I spent the day with the fam which was really good. Ran some errands with the parents, then had a sister movie night. I kinda love running errand - I always end up getting things that I really don't need (going back to my self control bit. I suck at it). Here are some of the things that I picked up while I was out:

I lost my Tide To Go recently and was distraught over it, so I had to pick up a new one (being that I just bought a new one I'll probably find my old one later today). I always like to keep one with me so I can be ready for a spill. Something like that always manages to happen to me. I also needed a razor, so there ya go. And I could not pass that magazine without picking it up. Especially after my newly found obsession with Blake Shelton.

When I got home I gave myself a little self pedicure. You know, trying to save some money.

Nice summery color, right? It's called Cute As A Button

After the self spa session, my sister and I had a little girls movie night. What type of movies you ask? WEDDING MOVIES. I've been on such a kick it's not even funny. I kind of need to get a grip.

Movie/Food #1:

Bride Wars and a waffle sundae with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. At least it was a whole wheat waffle, right? I'm disgusting.

Movie/Food #2:

27 Dresses and is that Asian-y foods again? I think so. Rice, snap peas and my little soy sauce creation. Little do you know, I had an Asian chicken salad for lunch. Once again, I have a problem. 

Today there's not much on the agenda. My sister and I are going to do a massive workout sesh after our awful eating so late last night. Maybe hanging with the boy later? He has to work on a Sunday. How lame, right? See what I mean about the real world?? Over it.

Loving this song. I can't stop playing it! These two lovebirds were on The Voice, but got the boot in the first Battle Round. They already have a single out and its beyond excellent. They kind of remind me of The Civil Wars which make me love them more.

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