Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No coffee rips out my soul

It's 9:30 and I've been awake since about 7:30 or so. I guess that 2 hour nap I took last night really affected my sleep. Anyway, I'm drinking my morning coffee, watching Will & Grace and laughing to myself like some kind of crazy person. This show always cracks me up.

This summer has been nonstop to the doctor and back, checking iron levels, blood work, back to the doctor and so forth. The (semi) verdict? Acid Reflux. Hi, I'm 65.

Yesterday I went for my last doctor visit of the summer. Sad, I know. He ended up putting me on higher dosage Reflux medicine because apparently I need a stronger acid blocker. The good news? He thinks my Esphagitis will clear up soon...hopefully in about three months.

The bad news? He basically ripped my soul out when he told me to cut out certain foods from my diet. Here is what I CAN'T have:

1. Caffeine. For those of you who don't know, this includes COFFEE. Flashback to what I said earlier? I am drinking my MORNING COFFEE. Fast forward to about a week from now? School. You know what that means? COFFEE. I may not make it past the first week without this precious element to my everyday life. 

2. Spicy Foods. Hmmm. It's Wednesday. What happens on Wednesdays? WINGS with the boy. I love spicy food. All kinds. I even put hot sauce on my eggs, hot red pepper flakes on mostly all things salty, and I love wings. The hotter the better. 

3. Acidic Food/Beverages. Example: lemon, orange, tomatoes. Basically anything that I love. Pasta, lemonade, pizza, orange juice. COME ON.

4. Soda and Alcohol. Eh, really not a problem.

5. Chocolate. Aside from carbs, chocolate is my favorite food group. 

In addition to cutting perfection out of my life, I also need to:


A. Eat smaller portions. I am KNOWN for overeating. I am over-indulgence girl. PS: Sorry for showing you those pictures. I'm disgusting.

B. Not eat before bed. Just last night I scarfed down about half a thing of goldfish about 20 minutes before bed. 

Ya know, the last two things really aren't that bad; I think I can handle it. As for the minuscule massive changes to my diet? Not so much. There's just no way! I guess I'll give it a try if it'll heal me faster. Key word: try.

*All Food images (minus the first coffee image) from Pinterest. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why do I suck?

I can't even begin to tell you how much I have to do. WARNING: here comes a semi-large rant-sesh so if you're not up to hearing some bitching and complaining then feel free to X out of this post.

I go back to school in 8 days. EIGHT. DAYS. That is not nearly enough time to get all that I need to get done and/or enough time to sit back and do nothing before this crazy semester starts.

As of now I don't have a bed. I don't have room decor. I don't have any regular life supplies. No food (for the apartment, obviously). No books, school supplies, cleaning supplies. I don't have nearly enough khaki pants. I have about one pair of good jeans. Andddd...I don't have any money to purchase anything on the list of things I still need to get. Well, I have some money but I must use it VERY sparingly and wisely.

I also need to clean my room, do my laundry, shower and get a grip. Mostly get a grip. I'll be working on that one indefinitely.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

British Pop Stars

Okay, so how do we feel about British pop stars? I just heard a song on @efosta's blog by Kate Nash called The Nicest Thing. Brief sidebar: Follower her on twitter. Follow her blog. Read both everyday and bask in the excellency of her wittiness. You'll want to know her. Better yet - you'll want to be her.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving over my Cyber-BFF who doesn't quite know it yet. Let's get back to the British pop star bit.

So, The Nicest Thing by Kate Nash. I'm kind of a fan. It's really heartfelt and the live version is raw and honest and I'm all about it. She sings about the "nicest thing" she's seen and all of the things she wishes he would see in her. How she longs to be the "nicest thing" he's ever seen. It's one of the more honest songs I've heard; she makes you feel what she's feeling. We've all felt this at one point or another and she brings you right back to that very place.

After I listened to this, I came to a preconceived conclusion: British (and other non-American) pop stars are deep, deep human beings.

Okay, so this isn't always true. Lily Allen's F*ck You - not so deep. Some of Kate Nash's other songs - really not that deep. But then there's Adele and Duffy. Now they are kinda deep.

I am not a British pop star expert by any means, but I have been YouTubing quite a bit of them. I want to love them. I feel like they're all really awesome and trendy and have that cool accent. However, I can't really find anything that I'm super in love with (besides that one Kate Nash song, Adele as a whole and some Duffy). Maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe I'm supposed to stick to the AMURICAN stars. Maybe my love affair with British pop stars ended before it even started.

I'll continue to look for another few days, but then I think my quest must end.

Do you guys have any British pop star songs that you love? Not a fan at all?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't judge a book by it's cover...or so they say

How many times have we heard the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Our parents and teachers have been preaching this to us from the time we can speak. Sometimes even earlier. They want us to grow up to be upstanding human beings, not judging the "book by it's cover". Just because the book has a giant raging shark on the cover doesn't mean it'll be about a giant raging shark that sweeps through the town's waters and eats every single child one by one. It could be about a boy who falls head-over-heels, cross-his-heart, painfully beautifully in love with the girl of his dreams and they live happily ever after. The message: just because a girl is wearing a red push-up bra, teenie-tiny leather skirt, fishnets and 6-inch clear heels with her hair knotted around itself (looking like it hasn't been brushed in weeks), heavy black eye liner, and glitter just about everywhere doesn't mean shes a hooker (or Ke$ha). 

Honestly, I think it's BS. I don't know about you, but I always judge a book by it's cover. If the cover doesn't look appealing to me, I'm definitely not going to pick up the book and see what it's about. We're visual people and that's just how it is. If something looks good, we're more likely to be drawn to it and engage ourselves. Whether that be a book, decorating ideas for your room, movies, an album cover, right down to people themselves. 

Parents and teachers try to teach  us to do the "right" thing and not judge people, and in a perfect world that would be great. But guess what? We all judge people. And if you say you don't then you're lying to yourself. People make an impact on you based on how they look. You're going to remember that your cousin's boyfriend came to the family party with shoulder length hair and a handlebar mustache, wearing eyeliner, skinny jeans, a bow tie and a top hat. And you're going to have a preconceived notion about him before he opens his mouth. That' just life and there's nothing wrong with that. The people who dress like that know this and to be honest, that's probably the exact reason why they dress like that. Hey, HandleBar Jim might end up being a great guy, somewhat normal, and really interesting. But you're still going to be waiting for the day that he pulls a rabbit out of his top hat.

Have there been people that surprise me? Of course. Then you end up being sorry for the fact that you judged them in the first place and tell yourself over and over that the next time someone walks into a backyard BBQ wearing a ball gown that you won't think they're absolutely out of their minds. That's how the cycle goes and that's how it'll always go. I'll be real: when I get older and have kids of my own I'm probably going to teach them the old Book-Cover phrase. But when a kid shows up to my house for a playdate sporting a comb over, wearing plaid shorts, a tucked in pink polo, sparkling white tennis shoes, and tells me his name is Preston, I'm going to be judging the mother. In my head she'll be a snooty country club wife wearing a black collared dress and pearls, hair slicked back into a perfectly crafted ballerina bun at the nape of her neck. When she walks in to pick little Preston up wearing exactly that, I'll smile to myself and continue to make up a big story about her in my mind.

...then we'll end up being besties and the cycle will continue. 

Look forward to a Here I Go: Promoting Mat Kearney post in the near future. He's great.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Glad to be back

After 3 delays, a mini panic attack on the plane and finally landing down at MacArthur, I'm home.

I'm so glad to be back to normal food! We've had some excellently delicious things while on vacation, but I can't keep feeling guilty for eating things like this every day!

Amazing. Chocolatey. Smooth. Perfect. And yes, that is a chocolate covered cherry on top. Like I said, it was great eating things like that every single day, but man do I feel like I need a straight week at the gym. Nothing but treadmills and ellipticals forever. It's back to whole wheat bread, Wheaties, grilled chicken and various broccoli recipes. Well, not all together obviously. 

Last night after I got home I hopped straight in the shower; planes just make me feel gross, even if I just showered right beforehand. Then the boy picked me up and took me to a beyond excellent dinner at Mama Lombardi's. Fried calamari and bowtie pasta with salmon. Absolutely delicious. Then we went back to his house, hung with his parents a bit and then had a low key night in, watching The Office and chatting. Oh! And how could I forget? He also brought me these amazing flowers:

Beautiful, right? He's kind of an excellent guy. Just a little though; don't want to think he's doing that great ;)

I'm in a really John Mayer-y mood lately!