I think a lot of the time we get caught up with life in general. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we forget the little things that make life great. When a friend's mom was diagnosed with cancer, it seemed as if life was not on her side. I bought her this book called The Book of Awesome which basically has a little blurb about all of the small things that we don't think about, but that are completely awesome.

I thought that I'd share one excellent thing a day -  one thing that I found throughout the course of my day that made it a little better. What was one thing in YOUR day that made you smile?

1.  The morning cup(s) of coffee.
2.  That feeling you get when the doctor and/or dentist appointment you've been dreading is finally over.
3.  The first glimmer of sunshine after a LONG bout of rain.
4.  The second you see him/her.
5.  HOT WINGS and HOT FRIES. The hotter the wings, the better they are.
6.  Being tan. Everything looks better when you're tan.
7.  The first sunburn of the summer.
8. Surprise visits/pick-me-ups.
9. Chinese food.
10.  Watching a line of baby ducks following their momma. I don't care how old you are, everyone loves seeing that!
11.  Seafood (except shrimp, of course).
12.  Supporting a good cause.
13.  Bargains.
14.  When little kids throw water balloons at each other.
15.  Wedding shows.
16.  Waffle Sundaes. 
17.  Singing at the top of your lungs in the car.
18.  Twizzlers.
19.  Making some extra money.
20.  The feeling you get when your babysitting shift is over.
21.  Really good covers of songs you hate.
22.  "That's what she said" jokes. I know. I need to grow up.
23.  Getting new underwear.
24.  Movie nights. Curl-up, snuggle-up, comfy movie nights.
25.  One Tree Hill. The bad acting and all.
26.  "Do nothing" days.
27. Weddings.
28.  Being home after a long trip.
29.  Knowing it's your last day [for now] of a sucky job.
30. A long, important, serious talk with someone that ends pretty well.
31. Waking up in the morning with someone you love.
32. Country music

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