Meet Me

I'm Meghan

Daughter. Sister. Girlfriend. Friend. Student. Exerciser. Eater. Listener. Talker. Worker. Wanna-be baker. Ex-gymnast. Dreamer. Planner. Over-analyzer. Music lover. Worrier. Hypochondriac.

I'm Meghan. I love to have a great time and laugh, particularly with the people I love. I'm a big chatter - I love to talk about anything and everything. That being said, I also could listen to someone talk for hours on end. I'm a worker by nature; I feel that there is always something else that should be done. I recently rediscovered that I really love to write.  I'm currently a student studying athletic training. Later on in life I do want to go on to physical therapy school, but I don't know when that will happen. I plan to accomplish everything that I want to, no matter how big or small.