Friday, June 10, 2011

Bridezillas need to get a grip

I just got home from work and changed out of my super cute khakis and white polo and into something a bit more comfortable and weather appropriate. It feels like it's about a million degrees out and my skin is melting off my body as we speak. Okay, so that was a bit dramatic but you get the point.

I've decided to put on Bridezillas. Every now and again I get on these wedding kicks where all I do is watch wedding show after wedding show. Last week there was a My Fair Wedding marathon on - I was in heaven. Anyway, this show just cracks me up. It's absolutely unreal how uptight and crazed these brides-to-be are! I mean come on: do you really have to kick one of your bridesmaids out of the wedding party because she asked to bring her sister to look after her son during the ceremony?? She's only trying to help YOU out so you have the wedding that you're killing everyone for. Let's be real.

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The same girl also referred to her fiance as her "Sugar Daddy" after using his money to take her bridesmaid - and former bridesmaid - out for a spa day. Then, the next day she walked back into the nail salon and asked for a refund because she didn't like it. Are you kidding? That's touching.

I'm just baffled by how difficult and seemingly heartless people can be. Not only are you making everyone's lives around you a living hell, but you are shedding yourself in such a negative light. Honestly, it even baffles me as to why women would want to be on this show in the first place. Yes, this show is entertaining, but it just makes me feel so bad for these fiances. Well, I can't have that much sympathy; I suppose they know what they're getting into. Now that's love right there.

Alright, now it's time for a cup of coffee. Say Yes to the Dress is on next! :)

This is what those fiances should do:

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