Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm sorry....

This weekend was excellent. All of it. Friday was spent babysitting - which I could have done without - but a little extra money never hurt anyone.

As for Saturday and Sunday? Superb. Saturday, the boy and I had an exciting day. First we went to the Farmer's Market right around the corner from my house and got asparagus, scallions, string beans and nectarines. So fresh and green (and orange in the case of the nectarines).

After that we hit up the mall to get Father's Day gifts for our dads which then turned into this...

Mhm. Macy's Furniture Store. I'm pretty sure we tried out every couch and laid on every bed. We even had the sales guy come up to us and preach about the different sales they were having that weekend. We obviously played the part, telling him that we thought the 96 inch table would fit very nicely in our new dining room. We don't have a dining room. Obviously.

Anyway, that was a complete blast. We then went to....

I'm sorry. I really am. We went to an Oriental Grocery store. I have a serious issue. Someone get me help. We purchased Stir Fry sauce, Asian stir fry noodles, and baby bok choy.

We wanted to get broccoli, but the place was out! The boy went up to the guy and asked what was something like broccoli that we could substitute it with and he pointed us in the direction of the bok choy. We were pretty positive that it was going to taste nothing like broccoli, but we went with it.

Guess what? It tasted exactly like broccoli. Go figure. So we went back to my house and I decided to cook up some stir fry. Please don't kill me. I'll put the recipe and some pictures on here tomorrow.

After dinner we got into our bathing suits and headed over to the boy's best friend's house and enjoyed a nice hot tub night with him and his girlfriend. We had a beyond excellent time!

Alright, it's time to get myself together. Gotta do some running around with mom and then I'm headed to the doctor. Exciting, right? I know. Get excited for the stir fry recipe tomorrow!! 

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