Monday, June 6, 2011

Bargain Shopper

Being a college student, I, as well as my fellow peers, need to save every penny we can. It's not easy going to school full time and still find the time to balance our studies as well as a job. But we do it. Screw Spiderman and Superman - we should be the superheroes that people aspire to be. This is why the summertime is so excellent; we get to take a break from school (most of us, at least) and use this time to work and save as much money as possible. However, it's so hard not to spend the money we make with all of these ads for the newest dress and cute sandals, the bathing suits and tank tops, not to mention accessories. Especially  being that summer time brings the cutest things.

This is why we need to be Bargain Shoppers. Mhm. Cheap, frugal, coupon-cutting bargain shoppers. I try my best not to spend money on the things I don't need, but sometimes it's just impossible to say no. Or, I just need a lesson in self control.

Check out the bargains I came across this weekend:

All from Forever21:
Bathing suit top: $4.80
Bathing suit bottom: $4.80
Top: $12.80

All from Francesca's (a boutique in the mall by me):
Earrings: $12.00
Nail polish (Orange and Slate): 2/$2.00

Not too bad, huh? I think the only thing that I wasn't super proud of were the earrings, but they're adorable so I let them slide. I also bought a white bandeau from Charlotte Russe for $5, but I am currently wearing it so I couldn't take a picture. 

This is fun and the video's cute: 

What was your favorite bargain of the week?

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