Sunday, October 30, 2011

One of those days

Today's just one of those days. Slept though my alarm, woke up late and had to rush around to get ready for work. Thankfully the boy called me because he knew I should have been up by then. If it wasn't for his call I would have most definitely been late for work.

I stepped outside and I could have sworn it was January. The air was beyond the crisp briskness that it should be at this time of year. With snow on the ground and the wind literally gnawing at my face, it felt like I was walking in the pit of winter.

Work was boring as usual and I did absolutely nothing. I was there for three hours and I cannot even begin to tell you what I did. Homework? No way. Online shopped? Didn't even do that. When I got home I cleaned up a bit from last night's costume party then literally laid in my bed. No computer, no TV, no music, nothing. Just laid there. I just had no desire to do anything. It's just one of those days.

From about 4 or so until 6 I watched Disturbia with the roommates, and now as I'm "doing my homework" (AKA writing this post) I'm watching Marley & Me with Jax. So lazy, I know. The assignment will get done, that's for sure, but it doesn't look too promising right now.

I can't even decide on a song to pick to leave you with! Okay I guess we can do this one. I'm a big fan of this one lately. Usher is just so excellent.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowing in October!?

I mean, I know it's almost November, but snow!? Really!? This is making me want Christmas to come even more than I already did! It's not even like it was snowing for a few minutes; it's been snowing all day! I can't even believe it.

I just bought the Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer because it's fall and I wanted to be festive, but I feel like all I should be drinking is hot cocoa and wintery blends, like the peppermint and gingerbread things! That's okay - it didn't stop me from enjoying the pumpkin! :)

So, update on my life: I'm sick...again. Bronchitis this time and the medicine is just not working! I am so ready to be better it's not even funny. On Wednesday I stayed in my bed pretty much ALL day; I was in my bed from 1 in the afternoon until pretty much the next morning. I felt very rested the next day (as I should have), but still not really much better. Sickness is so atrracted to me it's not even funny.

Thursday, despite me feel under the weather, I went on a little pick-me-up shopping trip with Jackie. I got a ton of stuff for just $40! (I had a gift card from my birthday still!) Here's the deets:

The shirt and both necklaces were from Forever21. I also purchased a few other things that aren't pictured including a plain white T from Forever21 and a form-fitting, navy, 3/4 sleeve, scoop-neck dress also from Forever21. I also had $10 off a bra from VS that came with a matching free panty! Then I had a coupon for another free panty! I love sales and free things.

I'm really pumped about the shirt though. It's so cute! The dress is also very excellent and was only $10.80! I just have to find somewhere to wear it to. I could wear it out to dinner with the boy, I suppose!

As for today, I felt decently productive. Although I didn't do any homework and woke up wayyyy later than usual, I still feel like a lot was accomplished. I was Mrs. Fix-it for a bit and put up the curtains that have been sitting in my drawer for the past month, cleaned my room, re-arranged the tub full of sweatpants/sweatshirts in my closet, rested (your welcome, mom!), and DLed some tunes for the small costume party the roomies and I are having tonight. Decently productive, right?

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and most importantly staying warm! :)

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but I'm tryinnggg to put myself in the spirit! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do you have a watch?

So, I'm sitting at my desk job signing people out computer lab keys, giving them their temporary lock-out keys, and giving out packages when these two boys come to the desk asking to sign out the ping pong set.

There are a few groups of guys that come down all the time asking for ping pong. I guess it's all the rage among the freshman boys. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, they are all about it!

Today, some of the regulars come down and the two were bickering over who should sign it out - it was quite comical. So when they finally decide, the one boy starts to fill out the sign-out sheet and glances down at his watch to see what time it was. He reads his watch, jots down the time, takes the pong paddles and starts the walk away.

The other boy then goes, "Why do you have a watch, anyway."

He responds with, "Because watches are classy. And cell phones are for calling people."

The other boy had nothing to say, so they went on their merry way and are now happily paddling away. I just thought that was the most perfect response to a very, very dumb question.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bring on the brisk air and falling leaves!

If only that were coffee inside that cup.

Since my recent departure from my beloved coffee, I've had it once. And that once was the weekend we went to Oley, PA. My roommate's step dad picked up coffee from Dunkin' Donuts and I just could not resist. BUT! Since then, I have not had a single sip! When the boy visited last week, I made him a cup (or two....or three) every morning without a single ounce. Do you know how hard that was!?

Anyway, It's October and I could not be more excited about fall. I love fall. I think it just may be my favorite season! It did not start on the right foot, as I'm already sick! If you remember from one of my first blog posts, I'm always sick. I even lost my voice already! This may be a record. Usually my voice doesn't disappear until November/December or so. Then proceeds to go missing during the even colder months again.

Here are some of the things I'm most excited for about fall:

1. Attire. Although now my daily attire consists of khakis and a heinous purple polo, fall clothes are my fave. I love sweaters, boots, scarves, light jackets. I love it all.

2. Colors. Orange is my favorite color, so you can imagine how excited I am that everything gets to be this orange/yellow/red/neutrally color.

3. Warm drinks. Even though I am no longer having coffee, there are tons of other drinks that I love. All different kinds of teas, hot coco, ....okay maybe there aren't as many as I thought. But maybe coffee will be able to come back into my life? We'll play it by ear.

4. Going home. I'm going home next weekend for our Fall Break. It's not so much of a "break" as a "two-days-off". I get the weekend, Columbus day and the day after to hang with the fam. I cannot be more excited!

5. Pumpkin. I love anything pumpkin flavored. Actually, I've never had pumpkin pie, but I'd bet that I would love it! If you haven't been on Pinterest, get on it now! They have the most delicious looking pumpkin flavored things! Click here to go to my Pinterest food board. If you click on one of the enlarged pictures, it will bring you to the recipe! (usually)

6. Thanksgiving. With fall comes Thanksgiving and I am a big fan. Every Thanksgiving, my family and my aunt's family get together and have an excellent time. LOTS of food, games, and hanging out with the family. What can get any better than that?

7. Sleeping with the windows open. The best feeling is being snuggled up under the covers and being just a little bit chilly. Comfortabley chilly.

This was one of the opening bands at last week's concert. I am a big fan of this song. The boy? not so much.

What are you most excited for about fall?