Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here I Go: Promoting City and Colour

I semi have music ADD, so I always love hearing new bands and artists. One minute I'm all about Blake Shelton or Eric Church, the next I'm onto Jessie J or Adele. Today I'm into Alter Bridge, tomorrow I might be into Lady GaGa. Just kidding. I don't think I'll ever be one of her "Little Monsters".

I was browsing the iTunes online store and checking out all of the featured artists and albums and I came across this guy: City and Colour. It sounds like the name of a band, but it's actually just one guy accompanied by random musicians.

Here I thought he was this brand new artist just coming onto the scene. Boy, was I wrong. He goes by City and Colour, but his real name is Dallas Green. Sounds familiar, right? He used to be a part of the hardcore band Alexisonfire. I had a feeling I knew the name, but I was never a huge fan of the screaming bit. Even while he was part of that band, he's been on his own as well since around 2005, having two albums debuting in Canada.

When I put two and two together, I was still completely baffled. His sound now is the polar opposite of Alexisonfire. C&C is kind of Coldplay meets Mat Kearney. Before you turn away, I'm not really a Coldplay fan so normally I would be immediately turned off. However, I am a Mat fan. .It's just folk-y and soothing enough without being too Jack Johnson. The perfect balance of calm and natural without being too boring where it would put you to sleep. Would I run to this music? Probably not. But I'd definitely listen to it as a cool down or if I was in a "chill" mood.

His newest album is entitled "Little Hell". He says that, “You have to go through those little hells to get to the really great parts of love and life.”(Source) I couldn't have said it better myself. Such a deep guy. Anyway, here is my favorite one of his songs off of this album. It's actually the album track, "Little Hell".

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  1. he's fantastic live. like you watch him and just want to be friends with him