Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here I Go: Promoting Ben Saunders

I know I'm probably killing you with all of this talk about The Voice, but here I go again.

I was researching a little bit about it and the show actually started in the Netherlands, making itself known as  The Voice of Holland. After just the first season, which ended in late January of this year, it quickly became the number one watched show in the Netherlands (1). Shortly after it debuted in the Netherlands, the good ole' U.S. decided to pick it up and try it out here; we're all about the singing competitions. American Idol, America's Got Talent, Making the Band, and then there's the fictional shows and movies about singing such as Glee, High School  Musical, Hairspray, the list goes on. Why not try yet another singing show? Especially after it did so well in the Netherlands. It's a good thing we decided to try it out - it's already been picked up for another season! Here's one better: it airs in the spot following the Super Bowl!

Now, after a season in the land of the Dutch and a partial season right here in the States, The Voice is branching out all over the world. There are upcoming seasons in 13 other countries including the UK, Australia, Greece, Sweden, and India (2)!

Okay. Let me introduce you to the first ever winner of The Voice: Ben Saunders.

Doesn't look like your typical, in the public eye pop singer, huh? Well that's because he's not. Although his brother was the winner of the Dutch version of Popstars, for most of Ben's life he did not fully follow in his brother's footsteps. He was a tattoo artist and an MMA fighter before he decided to audition for The Voice.  I watched a TON of YouTube videos, which were mostly in Dutch, that kind of half-explained all of this to me. 

Literally seconds into Ben's slowed down, mellow rendition of Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody", three out of the four chairs turned right around. The coaches were instantly floored by the smooth and unique tone of his voice. Abouts 30 seconds later, one of the coaches actually got out of his seat and pressed the remaining coach's button for him! He was THAT good.

On May 31st Ben Saunders signed a worldwide record deal (3)! You know what that means? We'll be hearing his amazing voice in no time! I could not be more excited about this guy. Just wait - he's going to be your new favorite artist (especially with that cool background of tattooing and MMA fighting!). Here's the clip of his very first, and in my opinion, his best audition.

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