Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some mom's suck

Today we woke up and had some breakfast at the hotel. I'm really not a huge fan of breakfast in general (I know I know, it's the most important part of the day), and I'm even less of a fan of it when it's prepared by the hotel staff. It just tastes like frozen food defrosted or cafeteria food. Not my style.

Anyway, we're sitting there enjoying eating our breakfast and basking in our morning cup of coffee when we see this baby, about 1 and a half/two years old, running through the booths. Recipe for disaster, right? Absolutely correct. All of a sudden we hear an extremely loud THUMP. It was this kid's head hitting the floor like a bowling ball. We could feel the thump's vibrations through our feet - that's how hard this baby hit his head! Then the wonderful mother picked up his wailing body and proceeded to yell at him while continuing on with her eggs. I mean, yeah, the kid did need a little scolding, but I'm pretty sure she should have made sure he was alright first and worried a little less about her eggs getting cold. I'm telling you: this kid hit his head SO hard on the concrete. Some mom's just suck.

Anyway, after breakfast I did a short and easy workout. Here's how it went:

1 minute walking warmup at 4.0
5 minutes of 30-second running/walking intervals (run @ 9.5, walk @ 3.5)
1 minute walking coll down at 3.0

Exercise Ball
25 regular crunches
25 alternating cross crunches
60 second plank with your feet on the ball
20 in and outs
20 full range sit ups (all the way back on the ball past horizontal, all the way to sitting)

50 bicycles
30 ceiling humps
15 second hold at the top
20 more ceiling humps
20 bicycles
100 inside leg pulses (each leg)
15 sumo dollies

2.5 minute quick cardio
20 seconds high knees
20 seconds fast feet
20 seconds jumping jacks
20 seconds mountain climbers
10 second rest
20 seconds mountain climbers
20 seconds jumping jacks
20 seconds fast feet

There you have it. There were 2 new vocab words it there (in and outs and ceiling humps) that I will put in the vocab post. I'm thinking about making a page dedicated to the vocab words; this way it'll be easier to locate.

Now it's time to shower and get ready for Linner (lunch/dinner) and off the some shops later on tonight to pick up souvenirs for some special people ;)

I was in the mood for a throw back. 

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