Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of course that would happen.

Alright so we board the plane. There I am next to the window trying not to have a huge meltdown and piss everyone on the plane off. I get in my seat, put my carry-on under the seat in front of me, buckle up, send my parting text messages and turn off my phone. The flight attendants come around, do their spiel and we're ready to go. Or so I think...

All of a sudden the pilot comes on the loud speaker and says, "Alright folks, I just got a message from air traffic control saying there's a big storm ahead where we're supposed to be flying through. I'm just waiting for a re-route and we'll be on our way. It should only be a few minutes." Oh. Great. Of course that would happen.

I'm keeping cool, no big deal. Just a little turbulence, right? (:::We're going to hit the WORST turbulence, those little masks are going to come out and we're all going to die a long, slow, freaking-out, tragic death:::) Okay fine. I'm being a little dramatic, but whatever. Anyway, we start to take off and there go my ears. Pop, pop, pop. I look out the window and what do I see? The wing is shaking. SHAKING. What's going through my head? Of course the worst possible things.

We get up in the air and everything's fine. A little iPod action, some magazine reading, and some random small talk with the woman sitting next to my sister.

And now it's time for descent. This is where I have a problem. My ears are really bad. Of course, like everything else on my body. So we're on the way down and all of a sudden the pressure in my ears is SO bad I literally thought my ears were going to start bleeding. I couldn't hear anything, including that woman who decided now was a good time to chew our ears off. After some light turbulence, the sky going from clear and blue to almost black and cloudy, we were on the ground. Finally. Andddddd my ears still didn't pop. Of course that would happen. Luckily, I woke up this morning and all was well in the hearing category. Wouldn't that have been tragic.

All in all I guess it wasn't too bad of a flight. Now it's time to finally shower and get ready for dinner!

P.S. RIP Amy Winehouse? Crazy. I guess she should have listened to them when they said...

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