Friday, July 8, 2011

Love What You Do

I'm about to be a HUGE hypocrite, so brace yourself. But the only reason why I've realized this is because I am going through it.

When I got my first job, I was fourteen and working as a gymnastics instructor. It was awesome. I was taking the fundamentals of something I'd been - at the time - doing for about twelve years and teaching little ones how to do it. At the time I was also using that money to pay for my tuition, so I didn't really get the full effect of getting money for something I loved to do. When I was seventeen, I got an injury that forced me to stop doing gymnastics. It was then that I stopped paying for my tuition and started reaping the benefits from my hard work. What could be better? I was getting paid for something I loved to do. I started to coach the competitive team. Once again, putting my knowledge to good use and coaching the team I once was a part of.

However, gymnastics classes are not very long and there aren't a substantial amount of classes a day which made it hard when I actually had to pay for things. Plus, the gym I was working at was 45 minutes away so on such a low paycheck that was never going to work. So unfortunately I had to stop working there.

...then BRU came along. I absolutely hate it. Its slave labor and I get no benefits from it, except the money of course. But it's not even that great! But I'm not here to rant about how much  my job sucks. I keep blaming it on the whole its a summer job and I'm in college for a reason thing.

If you're going to be doing something for the rest of your life, you better love it. Just think about it: if you're 25 and already hate waking up each morning to go to work, what's going to happen when you're 40? 50? You'll be a miserable bastard who comes home every day annoyed and hating life. Who wants that?

Everyone hates working, that's no secret. We all want life to be a constant vacation of umbrellas in drinks, flowers in hair, massages, pool boys fanning as you lounge in a chair. But that's not real. You need to at least be okay with your career. After all, you did go to college for 4 years (or not, but you still don't want to be a miserable bastard). When they call you and ask you if you can come in early or stay a little late, the only reason why you shouldn't want to stay is if you're dying to go home and be with your significant other. Because after all, that's the only thing more important in life. At the end of the day that's the only important thing in life.

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