Monday, July 25, 2011

People Watching

Oh, family vacations. With these little getaways comes some really excellent people watching (and judging). Don't even say I'm awful because you do it to. We all do, not matter what you say. I've seen some pretty awesome things and some pretty hellish things. Here we go:

The little girl in her little two piece. She. Is. Adorable. Blonde hair in a little curly pony tail, about 3 or 4 years old with that little baby belly. She couldn't be more than like 20 pounds. Just a little nugget of a human. I honestly wanted to pick her little excited body up and squeeeezzzeeee her and play with her and slide down the slide and make sand castles and be little again. (in the most non creepy way possible). Kids like that are awesome; not a care in the world. They're just excited being a kid with their mom and dad by their sides.

The little overweight girl in a two piece. Actually, she's not so "little" anymore. She's probably around 8 or so and about 25-30 pounds overweight. And wearing a bikini. Please, just tell me why? I'm not understanding here. Why would you put your daughter in a bikini like that?? Call me a bitch, but I just don't think it's necessary. It's fine that your daughter is overweight (well, not really), but people are just going to make fun of her. Now why would you want that for your little girl?

Couples in love. You know, on their honeymoon or celebrating their engagement, first anniversary, whatever it may be. I love that they're so effortlessly in love, being a little mushy but mostly fun, darting from ride to ride. It's just so excellent.

Couples in love that wear those corny T-shirts. Today I saw one that had their names in a heart on the front, you know, like how in old movies they used to write their names on a tree? "Allen + Jane AAF". On the back it simply and vomitously stated "Once in a lifetime [insert silhouette of Mickey Mouse] life give us a true fairytale". Ughhhhhh. Really? That just sickens me.

When those girls get the princess treatment. Let me just state that it's ONLY cute when the girls are 6 and under. Anything older than that it just gets a little weird. Anyway, I love when they're dressed up as Belle or Cinderella with the little dress, bun on the top of their head and sparkles everywhere. It's even better when it's their first visit and they're just gleaming with excitement.

Wardrobe. This has to be a list because I could have an entire blog post just on the hellish wardrobe choice of some people. I get that sometimes its culture, but sometimes it's just weird. Examples:
- Fanny packs. STOP THAT. Men, women, Coach, Walmart. It needs to stop.
- Maxi dresses. You've got to be dying of heat.
- Heels. Really, ladies? Heels at an amusement park?
- "Smith Family Vacation" shirts. Thanks guys. We all are super ecstatic that you're on vacation, but so is literally every other person here.
- Those giant Goofy hats (the character Goofy). Once again, you've got to be sweating!
I can go on for hours, but I guess I should stop here.

Sorry, I just love the Miley version!

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