Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Another Life

In another life I'd be a chef. Someone really big time, working for some fancy restaurant that only serves the snobbiest girls with earrings more expensive than my life. I'd make the most delicious things with ease, no recipe needed. Just a pantry full of the rarest ingredients, ones that even the best of chefs would kill for. Foodies in Paris and Italy would fly me out to their restaurants for demos and praise me for going from nothing to something.

In another life I'd be a baker. I'd be able to take just four ingredients and turn them into a masterpiece of sugary goodness that brought even the biggest body builder to his knees (that is, if he'd chill out enough to eat something other than protein). Despite baking nothing but things that are bad for you, I'd be a little skinny thing that people looked at and said "How can you bake all day and still be so thin!?" I'd own my own bakery that premiered on one of those "America's Best Kept Secrets" shows.

In another life I'd live in Tennessee. I'd live in a big, beautiful, old-fashioned house. One that'd been there since before the civil war. It would be on acres and acres of land with a small barn in the back with my big, black horse named Harley. I'd be friends with all of the country music stars (Blake and Miranda, obviously), but be too cool to go to their VIP rooms and accompany them to big events. Cut off shorts, cowboy boots, and floral-y dresses would be my normal attire. I'd watch NASCAR (okay, maybe not) and drink Jack D like it's my job (without being an alcoholic). And of course I'd have that awesome southern accent and a beat up pickup truck with country music blasting. No confederate flag though; that's a bit much. 

In another life I'd be a big time blogger. I'd make so much money just by telling my life story because I was so charming and funny and had a way with words. People from all over the globe would follow me and wait on my every post. I'd be able to do awesome things and blog about them and instantly have millions of people commenting on my posts. I'd sit in little unknown coffee shops and blog my little heart out (without being too liberal, of course).  I'd change someone's life just by telling my story of happiness as well as my struggles. My blog would give people hope and make their day a little brighter.

However, this is not another life. So in this life, I'll just be a student for now. Graduate college and be an athletic trainer, maybe a physical therapist. I'll continue to pretend I can cook and be a wanna-be baker. I'll listen to my country music and maybe go on a trip to Tennessee one day. Blogging will be a past time and I'll continue to do it for fun - because that's what it is. Maybe get married one day and have a ton of kids that'll be in every single sport imaginable. I'll be a soccer mom and load up the kids in my COOL mom car (not a mini van). I'll do awesome things though, that's for sure. I'll enjoy being me and not any of these other fantasies I have in my mind. My life will be excellent, just a different kind of excellent. A more normal, quietly glamorous, regular kind of excellent.

(That one's for you, you Rob Thomas wanna-be)

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