Monday, May 16, 2011

Soaking It In

This weekend was pretty damn excellent. The boyfriend graduated from college, so I took a 4 hour car ride up to Albany with his parents and brother which was surprising rather pleasant! There was some nice conversation, some laughs and some more getting-to-know-each other chats. I was all about it. After we got there I helped pack up some of the apartment, we napped, and then went out for a wonderful dinner.

Ready for the loop of the day?

As for the graduation: I wish I could say it was a wonderful ceremony with birds chirping and beautiful flowers around, the sun shining with a light breeze and a clear blue sky. However, that was not the case. It. Was. POURING. There I was in my little floral sun-dress and light cardigan WITHOUT an umbrella. Yep. Pouring rain and no umbrella. You should not be surprised. Okay, well I half had an umbrella. The boyfriend's mom had an umbrella, so the two of us were huddled under the one umbrella trying to be shielded from the God awful weather. Well, it didn't work. By the end of the hour and a half ceremony (which felt like 4 hours) I was soaked  (that's what she said). Dripping wet from head to toe. Also, we saw nothing but umbrellas. So basically I sat in the rain for just about two hours, listened to mediocre speakers, and got drenched. This is basically what I looked like:

Only, not a cat. And in a dress. 

Anyway, on the bright side I did get to have an amazing weekend with the BF and his family. Got to bond with them a little, meet some of the extended fam, and just have a great time in general (minus the whole hypothermia thing).

And here's a song to leave you off with:

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