Monday, May 30, 2011

The Glamorous Life of a BRU Associate

Everyone has sucky jobs at this point in our lives. We're college students and we're poor, so any job will do. We work awful hours and complain about how much our job sucks and we're okay with that...for now.

As of now, I'm going to say I take the cake in sucky jobs. I am a Babies R' Us associate. Not too bad, right? Wrong. I'm not just any associate - I'm a back of house/stock room associate. So, I don't just stand at a register for hours on end and ring up nagging customers and tell them they CAN'T use last months coupon. I'm in the back at 6am unloading the truck with 3 other MEN. AKA I do it by myself because naturally the people who work in the back of BRU don't give a shit about anything (on top of the fact that for the most part they're actual criminals).

There I am hauling boxes with the best of them. One after the other, box after box. Car seats, strollers, baby food, baby lotion, you name it. Usually I try to leave the bigger boxes for the boys, but then they end up leaving them for me! So then there I go lifting up 50-60 lbs of baby gear of some sort while they stand around. Then when the truck's done it's time to unpack the boxes. And when the store opens I have women coming up to me left and right asking me which pacifier is best for their 3 month old. I. DON'T. KNOW. I also don't know which Breast Pump works better, so if you ask me what my preference is I may breast pump your face. Then tell you to buy the more expensive one.

My last shift took my job to a new low. I was minding my own business opening boxes and restocking shelves. One of my co-workers (one of the winners, obviously) decided to come over to me. He then proceeds to tell me that he hates this job and is going to quit because he does tons of other "side jobs", followed by the statement, "Ya know, you'd make a great drug dealer. NO ONE would expect a little educated white girl. You'd make a ton more money than this job." Mhm. That happened. I mean, I know we're all desperate to find jobs when the economy is so bad, but REALLY!? Come on. Let's be real.

I'm working on getting them to train me on the register because 1. I have GOT to get out of there and 2. my bum shoulder cannot take much more box throwing.

Here's a great song that I'm loving right now:

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  1. i literally laughed out loud at the drug dealer thing. also maybe thats better than him asking you to be one of his prostitutes? half kidding