Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day Without A Loop

Yesterday was a pretty good day, minus the whole raining every second thing we've got going on. I got to see the best friend who I hadn't seen in MONTHS. She came over, I heated up some left over Chinese food, and we chatted about our semesters, the men in our lives, and some odds-and-ends stories. You know, caught each other up on our lives. It's funny how you pick right back up where you left off with some people. That's how you know they're in your life for good.

After she left, I did some house-keeping, cleaned the room up a bit, went to the gym, then Momma made an excellent dinner (stuffed shells!). Then the boyfriend picked me up and we went for a Starbucks date which was also excellent. I absolutely love the summer (or whatever you would like to call this). Being long distance for so long, it's nice to just call him up and go for coffee. Just an hour or so will do the trick.

The great day doesn't stop there! Tal (the best friend) swung by shortly after that and we went to a friends house and caught up with him and his family. His mom is just getting over a bout of cancer and she is looking absolutely great! It's so good to know she's on the road to a healthy and cancer-free life.

Here's a song to leave you off with. One of my good friends, Hannah, showed this song to me. They're absolutely great. They do a really interesting cover of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" as well. If you like them - or even if you don't - you should check out Hannah's blog. It's absolutely fantastic, just like she is.

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