Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Curly Q

Today I woke up and remembered that I had a dream but had NO clue what it was about. Don't you hate that? Well, first off - I woke up about 7 thousand and 1 times, so that was awesome. Then I woke up really weirded out but didn't know why. I guess I had one of those really bizarre dreams but had no clue what the hell actually happened in it. There also is NO coffee in the house. How does that happen!? (Thanks, mom)

Anyway, enough ranting. Here we go.

This is going to be the first ever Meghan Tutorial. Okay well, not really. I'll explain.

My hair sucks at curling. Absolute worst. I have very thin, straight, weird-textured hair that always seems to fall flat. Any kind of product I put in it (even if it's supposed to make your hair dry) makes my hair greasy and more flat than usual. Shine serums? Forget about it. Insta-flat. I've been trying every kind of technique to either make my hair less flat or curl. (yes, I'll take one or the other. At this point I don't care which one!). I'm also VERY hair challenged; I suck at doing fancy pretty things to my hair. My sister is the creative, more artsy, hair-and-makeup daughter of the family. I'm just the one that gets either injured or sick (with flat, straight hair mind you).

Recently I found a great tutorial on those "natural every-day waves". It worked GREAT and I was able to do it. Only problem? The curls were already unwinding and coming loose (and no, not the good, tousled loose...just back to straight) after about an hour of walking around. Here's the tutorial; maybe you'll have more luck than I did.

Onto the next one. I found this one last night while I was bored and not tired. Could I have been doing more productive things with my life? Obviously. But it's summer, so screw it. This video is how to get waves, not so much curls, but I'll take it.

I tried it last night and it actually worked pretty well! This is after I slept on it:

Not too bad for sleeping on it, huh? We'll see how well it stays. Maybe I'll try it tonight for Date Night with the boy. Who knows. It's absolutely beautiful out and I'm in a great mood so here's a perfect summer song:

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