Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowing in October!?

I mean, I know it's almost November, but snow!? Really!? This is making me want Christmas to come even more than I already did! It's not even like it was snowing for a few minutes; it's been snowing all day! I can't even believe it.

I just bought the Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer because it's fall and I wanted to be festive, but I feel like all I should be drinking is hot cocoa and wintery blends, like the peppermint and gingerbread things! That's okay - it didn't stop me from enjoying the pumpkin! :)

So, update on my life: I'm sick...again. Bronchitis this time and the medicine is just not working! I am so ready to be better it's not even funny. On Wednesday I stayed in my bed pretty much ALL day; I was in my bed from 1 in the afternoon until pretty much the next morning. I felt very rested the next day (as I should have), but still not really much better. Sickness is so atrracted to me it's not even funny.

Thursday, despite me feel under the weather, I went on a little pick-me-up shopping trip with Jackie. I got a ton of stuff for just $40! (I had a gift card from my birthday still!) Here's the deets:

The shirt and both necklaces were from Forever21. I also purchased a few other things that aren't pictured including a plain white T from Forever21 and a form-fitting, navy, 3/4 sleeve, scoop-neck dress also from Forever21. I also had $10 off a bra from VS that came with a matching free panty! Then I had a coupon for another free panty! I love sales and free things.

I'm really pumped about the shirt though. It's so cute! The dress is also very excellent and was only $10.80! I just have to find somewhere to wear it to. I could wear it out to dinner with the boy, I suppose!

As for today, I felt decently productive. Although I didn't do any homework and woke up wayyyy later than usual, I still feel like a lot was accomplished. I was Mrs. Fix-it for a bit and put up the curtains that have been sitting in my drawer for the past month, cleaned my room, re-arranged the tub full of sweatpants/sweatshirts in my closet, rested (your welcome, mom!), and DLed some tunes for the small costume party the roomies and I are having tonight. Decently productive, right?

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and most importantly staying warm! :)

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, but I'm tryinnggg to put myself in the spirit! 

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