Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do you have a watch?

So, I'm sitting at my desk job signing people out computer lab keys, giving them their temporary lock-out keys, and giving out packages when these two boys come to the desk asking to sign out the ping pong set.

There are a few groups of guys that come down all the time asking for ping pong. I guess it's all the rage among the freshman boys. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, they are all about it!

Today, some of the regulars come down and the two were bickering over who should sign it out - it was quite comical. So when they finally decide, the one boy starts to fill out the sign-out sheet and glances down at his watch to see what time it was. He reads his watch, jots down the time, takes the pong paddles and starts the walk away.

The other boy then goes, "Why do you have a watch, anyway."

He responds with, "Because watches are classy. And cell phones are for calling people."

The other boy had nothing to say, so they went on their merry way and are now happily paddling away. I just thought that was the most perfect response to a very, very dumb question.

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