Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Happy Post-Labor day! I hope everyone's long weekend was especially excellent. I know mine definitely was! I went home for the weekend and enjoyed an excellent weekend hanging out with the family and the boy. Friday was spent with my sister for the first half of the day then the boy for the second half. Saturday was spent with the fam at a nice dinner and then the boy again. Quick side bar: Has anyone seen The Hurricane? With Denzel Washington? It was absolutely excellent! This is the movie we watched over the weekend and it could not have been any better! I definitely recommend it. Anyway, Sunday was my Goddaughter's 1st birthday party!! I cannot even believe it's been a year already. Time really does fly.

And now, after a perfect weekend, it's back to the craziness of classes. The beginning of the semester is always hardest. Getting back into the swing of things and kicking the lazy summer habits definitely can be tough, especially when you're basically punted right into the heart of it by having a quiz the second day of class. Not fun.

Right now I'm feeling very overwhelmed and stressed. I feel like everything is really unorganized and all of my classes are meshing into one big class. I can't get it straight; what is due for which class on which day with which teacher - none if it is sticking in my head! I need to just lay everything out and get things sorted out before my head spontaneously combusts.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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