Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No coffee rips out my soul

It's 9:30 and I've been awake since about 7:30 or so. I guess that 2 hour nap I took last night really affected my sleep. Anyway, I'm drinking my morning coffee, watching Will & Grace and laughing to myself like some kind of crazy person. This show always cracks me up.

This summer has been nonstop to the doctor and back, checking iron levels, blood work, back to the doctor and so forth. The (semi) verdict? Acid Reflux. Hi, I'm 65.

Yesterday I went for my last doctor visit of the summer. Sad, I know. He ended up putting me on higher dosage Reflux medicine because apparently I need a stronger acid blocker. The good news? He thinks my Esphagitis will clear up soon...hopefully in about three months.

The bad news? He basically ripped my soul out when he told me to cut out certain foods from my diet. Here is what I CAN'T have:

1. Caffeine. For those of you who don't know, this includes COFFEE. Flashback to what I said earlier? I am drinking my MORNING COFFEE. Fast forward to about a week from now? School. You know what that means? COFFEE. I may not make it past the first week without this precious element to my everyday life. 

2. Spicy Foods. Hmmm. It's Wednesday. What happens on Wednesdays? WINGS with the boy. I love spicy food. All kinds. I even put hot sauce on my eggs, hot red pepper flakes on mostly all things salty, and I love wings. The hotter the better. 

3. Acidic Food/Beverages. Example: lemon, orange, tomatoes. Basically anything that I love. Pasta, lemonade, pizza, orange juice. COME ON.

4. Soda and Alcohol. Eh, really not a problem.

5. Chocolate. Aside from carbs, chocolate is my favorite food group. 

In addition to cutting perfection out of my life, I also need to:


A. Eat smaller portions. I am KNOWN for overeating. I am over-indulgence girl. PS: Sorry for showing you those pictures. I'm disgusting.

B. Not eat before bed. Just last night I scarfed down about half a thing of goldfish about 20 minutes before bed. 

Ya know, the last two things really aren't that bad; I think I can handle it. As for the minuscule massive changes to my diet? Not so much. There's just no way! I guess I'll give it a try if it'll heal me faster. Key word: try.

*All Food images (minus the first coffee image) from Pinterest. 

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