Wednesday, August 10, 2011

British Pop Stars

Okay, so how do we feel about British pop stars? I just heard a song on @efosta's blog by Kate Nash called The Nicest Thing. Brief sidebar: Follower her on twitter. Follow her blog. Read both everyday and bask in the excellency of her wittiness. You'll want to know her. Better yet - you'll want to be her.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving over my Cyber-BFF who doesn't quite know it yet. Let's get back to the British pop star bit.

So, The Nicest Thing by Kate Nash. I'm kind of a fan. It's really heartfelt and the live version is raw and honest and I'm all about it. She sings about the "nicest thing" she's seen and all of the things she wishes he would see in her. How she longs to be the "nicest thing" he's ever seen. It's one of the more honest songs I've heard; she makes you feel what she's feeling. We've all felt this at one point or another and she brings you right back to that very place.

After I listened to this, I came to a preconceived conclusion: British (and other non-American) pop stars are deep, deep human beings.

Okay, so this isn't always true. Lily Allen's F*ck You - not so deep. Some of Kate Nash's other songs - really not that deep. But then there's Adele and Duffy. Now they are kinda deep.

I am not a British pop star expert by any means, but I have been YouTubing quite a bit of them. I want to love them. I feel like they're all really awesome and trendy and have that cool accent. However, I can't really find anything that I'm super in love with (besides that one Kate Nash song, Adele as a whole and some Duffy). Maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe I'm supposed to stick to the AMURICAN stars. Maybe my love affair with British pop stars ended before it even started.

I'll continue to look for another few days, but then I think my quest must end.

Do you guys have any British pop star songs that you love? Not a fan at all?


  1. Love Brit Pop! Mumford and Sons (popish/alternative) Lily Allen, Mika, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, ummmm...will probably think of others later.

  2. Florence and the Machine! How did I forget that? It's my favorite album at the moment.

  3. ahh really?? I'll have to check them out. Lily Allen I just can't seem to love. I want to love her, but something is off for me.

    Mika - great. Totally offbeat and excellently wild.

    I definitely will check out the rest of those though!